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We started on 3, 2, 1…

Hello and welcome to Artsy Studio! If you are here it’s because you surely want to know more about this creative studio. So I’ll start with a brief story… after several years of experience in multimedia production sectors I decided to broaden my horizons, this was the perfect time to take the next step and expand, give new talents the opportunity to produce better quality content, offer a suitable place, thought and made by and for creatives.

This is how in 2021 Artsy Studio goes on the air, supported by the extensive experience of Artsy Talent (@artsytalent) and my sister, in order to help to take that first step to a new adventure.

Today, the production studio Artsy Studio is ready, now in the same space talents can be able to produce content in their own way, without limitations and with the support of professionals from the world of production.

And now what are your thoughts about Artsy? Well, maybe this is not enough yet, so here are…

4 reasons why you should create your content in Artsy Studio.

1. With Artsy you have everything you need to create your content right away.

From a photoshoot for Instagram, LinkedIn or any other platform, to fully edited videos with the magic of post-production. You can choose to be accompanied by a team of professionals who will guide you at every step, ideas will never be lacking. Right the podcast booth! Record, edit and launch a chapter for that podcast, it’s time to start what you’re looking for so long.

I know, sometimes you prefer the style and confidence that your team gives you, take them to the studio, let their minds create new things, the only limit will be their imagination (and the hours you book the studio, of course).

2. It doesn’t matter if you area new talent or if you have been a content creator for a long time, the studio adapts to your needs.

If you only need the facilities because you have your own team or you are just starting your career as a content creator, you can decide what you need and what you don ́t.

Did I tell you that sometimes the studio has even been rented to give workshops? Well, that’s how wide the possibilities are, now you see it? Artsy Studio is the best choice for you.

3. You will love the facilities and the atmosphere… seriously.

Perhaps creating content from home is one of the best sensations, being able to express yourself and be confident in a comfortable and personal space doesn’t compare to anything.

And that is exactly why Artsy Studio is a welcoming space, so that you always feel at home or even better.

You have at your fingertips all the professional equipment and necessary tools to produce what you want, as well as people who are creative, friendly, funny and helpful; we are sure that you will not lack anything, perhaps more and more time but that can be easily solved.

It is not necessary to be a professional to take advantage of the facilities. Trust me when I tell you, you won’t want to leave the studio…

4. A good studio wouldn’t be as good without a good location.

With a fantastic location in the Doral area, Miami, just approximately 5 minutes away from the Miami International Airport is Artsy Studio.

In addition to its surroundings you can find huge television networks, a large parking lot and the Dolphin Mall. You can’t deny it, it is an excellent location…

Do you still have doubts? Seriously? No problem, you can reach us, you decide when to start filming.

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